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The Vanguard Issue 6 Page 40
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  1. Been a while since your last update. Will you be doing more of this interesting series, or is it finished?

    • macadmin

      No, it’s not finished, life has just been very busy for me these past few months. I’m tying to start Chapter 7 soon as I can.

  2. Ever think of taking on an assistant to help share the work load?

  3. Been a long time since your last upload, nearly a full year. Is this done and over then?

    • macadmin

      No, not done. Just haven’t got back to it yet.

  4. *Sniff, sniff* This sure feels done. Thank you for all that you’ve done up to now. I liked it and it will be missed!

    • macadmin

      I get why you’d think that, this is a rather long hiatus. But I’ll be continuing it; I just don’t want to give a date so later events won’t make a liar out of me.

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