Thenurion, Leader of Vanguard Team 7

Profile:The leader of the Vanguard, Thenurion was born approximately 600 years ago (about the 18th century by our calendar) a member of the Valouran race. The Valourans are a race of near-immortal humanoids with a variety of inborn metahuman abilities which they can develop through training, practice and discipline.

One of the more talented students of the Valouran training academies, Thenurion has fought for the security and defense of the Galactic Union of Planets (a republic of planetary systems of which 24th-century Earth is a member)for virtually all his adult life. He believes deeply in the ideals of freedom, equal representation and equal sentient rights embodied by the GUP, and would not hestitate to oppose all who would threaten those ideals. He is also a family man, married to Sapphira and the father of Cerena and Erik.

Powers and AbilitiesBeta class psi abilties, including telepathy, the ability to psionically lift objects weighing several hundred tons, energy manipulation (including creation of energy shields and concussive bolts of considerable power), matter rearranging and transformation, and gravitic manipulation enabling flight up to speeds of .5 c (speed of light). Also able to manipulate the force of gravity on other objects, causing effects such as levitation or pinning them to a surface through increased gravitic attraction.

Great physical strength, ability to lift up to 150 tons. High degree of resistance to injury, immunity to disease and poison, fast-healing abilties causing near-instantaneous regeneration of injured tissue. Able to go long periods without breathing, and is largely unaffected by environmental extremes and so is able to work in environments such as outer space or the deep ocean without protective equipment for long periods of time. He can teleport instantaneously across interplanetary distances, though this ability is limited in range and by him needing to recharge his energy levels after each ‘port. This means he is unable to teleport between star systems or several times in a row-this power is basically “extreme emergency use only”.

He also possessed considerable engineering and technological skills and experience, and is quite familiar with most technology used in the GUP, and quite a bit used outside its borders as well. He is a skilled and experienced diplomat, possessing knowledge of the cultural idiosyncracies of dozens of races both inside and outside the GUP.