About the Comic:

It is the 24th century, and Earth is part of a vast, prosperous and (mostly) peaceful interstellar republic called the Galactic Union of Planets. The defenders of this interstellar alliance are the Vanguard, a force of powerful, near-immortal (and some not so immortal) heroes who deal with the galaxy’s greatest threats to life and liberty, work to bring peace, freedom and prosperity to the rest of the galaxy, and explore the universe’s greatest wonders.

The Vanguard is a space opera superhero comic for those who enjoy both genres, featuring the usual staples of starships, aliens, superbeings good and evil, and a dash of interstellar politics. To see an outline of each chapter of the comic (as well as easy access to previous pages) check out the Archives page. For more about the universe in which The Vanguard works, check out the Vanguard Universe topics of the blog.


About the Author:

A self-taught artist who presently works in the IT field doing network support, Victor Daniel has taken his love of superhero comic adventures and space opera-type sci-fi and combined it to create The Vanguard.



The Vanguard is inspired by several similar sci-fi series, including Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5. It is also influenced by superhero teams like the Avengers, Justice League and especially Legion of Superheroes. Other sci-fi influences include Iain M Bank’s Culture series of books and the worldbuildng project website Orion’s Arm.

The Valouran characters themselves (see the character profiles) are inspired mainly by Marvel’s Eternals and somewhat by DC’s Superman and Captain Atom.