Cerena, daughter of Thenurion & Sapphira

Profile:Firstborn daughter of Thenurion and Sapphira, wife of Franklys, Cerena helped her father talk Franklys into becoming an active member of Vanguard Team Seven. She has proudly followed in her parents’ footsteps as a defender of the sentients and principles of the Galactic Union. She is close to her father, considering him one of her best friends-a situation that sometimes annoys her husband, but he’s managed to not let it be a problem between them so far. They have two children, a firstborn daughter, Sanaatha, and a son, Franklys Jr.

Powers and Abilities: In addition to the standard Valouran abilities and attributes, Cerena is able to generate and manipulate enormous amounts of energy for a variety of effects, including shields, potent energy blasts, and the manipulation of power levels in machines and power systems-for example, she can power down machinery or send high levels of energy through a system to overload it.

She can manipulate energy across the electromagnetic spectrum, including radio waves, light, and magnetic fields. She can also draw energy from subspace, vastly increasing her power levels, but she can be seriously injured or even killed by channeling too much of this energy through her body.

Probably due to her powers, she has trained to become an expert in power generation and distribution systems. She helps the ship AI Stella manage power distribution systems on their vessel.