Issue 7 - Ghosts of The Past

An enemy from Thenurion's past thought dead comes back for revenge. What is the history between Thenurion and the cyborg called Gregorious, and how does it tie in to his time on Earth? Meanwhile, the Omnicidon, a hypersentient weapon created to exterminate all life in the galaxy, makes its first moves.

Issue 6 - Clash of Titans

The ancient war that birthed the Vanguard still simmers as the Valourans' blood enemies work to free the last of the elder race that created them from extradimensional exile-they failed in their first attempt, but the end result of their second could spell doom for the rest of the galaxy unless someone steps up to stop it...

Issue 5 - Aftermath

The colonist-snatchers are finally stopped by the Vanguard, at a cost-their ship is in need of major repairs and a team member has to recover from serious injuries. As the team recovers, hundreds on light-years away, the teammate sent to stop an ancient war is trapped in her own battle to survive.

Issue 4 - Swarmed

The slavers' former clients make their move, going after the colonists themselves and inflicting destruction and mayhem in the process. And not even the Vanguard may be enough to stop them...meanwhile, a team member embarks on a separate mission to prevent an ancient war from restarting.

Issue 3 - Vengeance

The slavers are defeated, and the colonists are returned to their homes. But the slaver's master wants revenge and triggers a surprise that could spell the end of our heroes. And if that surprise doesn't finish the Vanguard, the slavers' powerful and deadly former clients just might...

Issue 2 - Interception

The purpose of Thenurion's solo mission is revealed, as he uses information learned on that mission to lead the Vanguard in pursuit of slave traders kidnapping colonists along the frontier of the Galactic Union. But the slavers don't just roll over upon the Vanguard's appearance, and battle ensues...

Issue 1 - The Pickup

The Vanguard's leader Thenurion comes back from a mysterious solo mission on the Galactic Front, but he is being pursued...after the ship he's travelling on crashes on a desert planet, he has to fight for his life against mercenaries sent to kill him.