This page gives the basic origin story of the Valoran crimelord Enegar. It was pretty much like he said-for nearly a millenium he was one of the Vanguard’s top undercover operatives, infiltrating all sorts of criminal organizations (including corrupt governments), all across galactic civilization and helping to bring them down from within.

He got very good at pretending to be a criminal-in fact he had a talent for it from the beginning, which was why he kept being asked to take undercover assignments. Eventually, he was corrupted by the constant criminal activity surrounding him and that he was taking part in, and…well the exact details of his fall will be left for a future story, but suffice to say he built a criminal cartel to replace one he’d helped bring down, and went from there.

His example is why even the best undercover agents presently in the Vanguard no longer do that work exclusively anymore-after an undercover assignment, such agents either take time off or go do other work “in the light” for a few years, to balance the darkness of the criminal activity they were exposed to and partook in.